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Top 5 softuerėt antivirus pėr 2008
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Top 5 softuerėt antivirus pėr 2008

1. Bit Defender

2. Kaspersky

3. Eset NOD32

4. Trend Micro Antivirus

    plus AntiSpyware 

5. F-Secure Anti-Virus 

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 113 king-rap tutorials

Shko poshtė 


Numri i postimeve : 1130
Join date : 10/06/2008

Character sheet
vissi: Lojra

MesazhTitulli: 113 king-rap tutorials   Sat Jun 14, 2008 12:15 am

1. About Me
2. How To Hack A Website
3. Basics Of Dec Hacking
4. Cheating In PE
5. Cheating On Tests
6. 9/11 Cover Up Story
7. Replacing The TXDķs And DFFķs In Vice CityPC
8. Basic Scripting In Vice CityPC
9. Keep Your Computer Safe
10. Basic Gaming Tactics
11. How To Tell If Someone Is Lieing
12. 300GB iPod
13. How To Create A Grunge Sig
14. How To Mod A Xbox
15. How To Steal And Sell
16. 2K And XP On The Same Drive
17. Windows 95 Adult Password Crack
18. Firmware Hack iPod
19. How To Get IPķs Through AIM
20. GVI To AVI
21. Hacking With NetCat
22. Playing Burned Games On PS2
23. Booting People Off AIM
24. How To Mod GTALCS
25. Install Linux Or Windows On Your PSP
26. Linux Gamecube
27. How To Mod Halo 2
28. Setting Up A Network On a 1.5 Firmware Or Lower PSP
29. PSP 2.0 To 1.5
30. Homebrew 2.6 PSP
31. Chemical Fertilizer Bomb
32. Tennis Fire Ball Bomb
33. Napalm Cocktail Bomb
34. Smoke Bomb
35. Hacking A Soda Machine
36. Terrorizing Fast Food Restaurants
37. Free Music
38. Getting Back At Your Marriage Partner
39. Getting Past School Banned Website Filter
40. XP To 98
41. Install Windows No Boot CD
42. Awesome Prank
43. Advance Prank Calling
44. How To Make Wine
45. How To Sneak Into Movies Easily
46. Myspace Password Hacking
47. Where To Get Bomb Chemicals
48. Homemade Shotgun
49. How To Kill Someone By Hand
50. What Is A Hacker By My Standards
51. Piracy Report
52. Getting Everyone At A Local Taco Bell Fired
53. Four Good Online Comebacks
54. Seven Ways To Tell If Youķre Lamer
55. How To Make A Video Documentary
56. Good Trailer Trash Food
57. How To Hotwire A Car
58. How To Get High/Drunk Off Home Products
59. Programs To Use To Make Music Beats
60. Homemade Flamethrower
61. Ground Cigarette
62. How To Restrain A Snake
63. How To Kill A Attack Dog
64. Links To Useful Sites
65. Super Soaker Flame Thrower
66. Stealing Website Accounts
67. How To Create A World List For A Password Cracker
68. Balloon Bomb
69. Water Bottle Grenade
70. How To Make Your Own Mace
71. Advance Cheating Tactic For Tests
72. Basic Of Fist Fighting
73. Journal Entry From Mental Hospital
74. How To Pirate Movies In Theaters
75. Advertising A Website For Idiots
76. Basic Escape Tactics
77. How To Get A Websites Shutdown In America
78. Silence Training
79. Robbing A Standard House
80. Basic Insulting
81. Making A Clever Password
82. Reservation Prank
83. Basic Assassination Tactic
84. Common Instant Messenger Talk
85. My Life Lesson
86. Basic Kick
87. How To Debate
88. 5 Ways To Poison Someone
89. Game Modding
90. Basics Of Drawing
91. Se7en Questions
92. Understanding Hacker Lingo
93. Neutralizing A Acid Burn
94. Ruining A Carķs Paint Job
95. Soda Machine Hack 2
96. Dry Ice Bomb
97. History And About IMC
98. Land Mine
99. Dust Bomb
100. Thanx
101. My Mom
102. Firefox Speed Hack
103. Blast Porn Passes
104. Ripping Music
105. Getting Limewire Pro
106. Learn How To Become A Real Hacker
107. HTML To BB Coce For IPBķs
108. Shutting Comps Down On Your Network
109. Grahamķs Fatality
110. Finding Security Cameras
111. Nightmare
112. Getting Peoples Credit Cards
113. El Fin
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113 king-rap tutorials
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